Do you have air conditioning?

  • Yes! We have an air conditioned tap room that can comfortably accommodate 40-50 people. Outside seating consists of our shaded patio that always have a nice breeze, and our warehouse area that has large fans in order to keep it cool.

Do I have to buy a glass and/or tokens to drink beer in your taproom?

  • No. Aside from very rare occasions when we use a token system to streamline events we function just like a beer bar. We offer several different size pours and accept cash and credit.


Do you have food?

  • We do not have a kitchen, however, we do sometimes have food trucks parked here and it's always okay to bring or order in food.

Are you pet friendly?

  • Yes, but only on the patio and in the warehouse when it is open to the public.

Do you have parking available on site?

  • Yes. There is parking all along the Velasco side of the building as well as in the lot behind. The unpaved lot directly behind the building is also available for overflow parking.

What is the closest Light Rail stop?

  • We are located only a couple of blocks down Harrisburg from the Coffee Plant stop on the green line.

What's with the ring in the warehouse?

  • That's the Doomsday Wrestling ring. They train on Thursday and Sunday evenings around 7pm in the weeks leading up to their shows. These are highly skilled athletes that require total concentration in order to hone their craft so we ask that you do not interrupt them during their training regimen. It's highly encouraged that you to watch them from the taproom however.

Do you rent out the brewery for private events?

  • We do, however the cost is dependent on the type of event and several other factors. For more information check out our rentals page.

Do you make gluten free beers or ciders?

  • No.

Are you going to make gluten free beers or ciders?

  • No.